Halima Cassell

Cassell was born in 1975 in Pakistan but moved to the U.K. as a young girl. Brought up in Manchester, she now lives in Lancashire where she also went to the local University of Central Lancashire or her undergraduate degree and then continued with the graduate program in ceramics. Once completing her education, she has been in numerous exhibitions around the world. Her artwork is unique in that it is meant for aesthetics rather than functionality and influenced by her Islamic heritage and African interest. She takes the aspect of geometry to a new level with her complex designs using both organic shapes along with very rigid lines.

Not only does she work in small scale work including bowls and figures, she also does several large scale landscape pieces. Though each piece of artwork can take anywhere from 100 to 250 hours to complete, Cassell has an enormous collection of work both in her own gallery in Lancashire and in around the world. She has won several awards including residencies in Japan and Pakistan, and most notably the Creativity and Development Award in Lancashire in 2005.


"I do not allow myself to think about the inherent technical problems that may occur at the construction stage, as this may affect my freedom to think during this part of the creative process. Then I work out the mathematics of the pattern and the surface area of the form, so that they work accurately and harmoniously together."
Visit her site online to view all of her collections at www.halimacassell.com or her book Carved Earth.