Art History Survey 2

Dr. Martin, Spring 2011

Together the class will create this wiki about contemporary art and issues. Each student is responsible for posting information and imagery about one artist with emphasis on one contemporary issue that the artist's work emphasizes. Students should also collaborate with each other. This could mean such things as checking each other's work, correcting errors, moving content around to make the whole wiki more logical, or suggesting additional images.

Spring 2011 is the first time this has been a part of the Survey 2 class content.

The Viola Frey page is a sample, very basic, entry, as an example. The illustrations are using the "link" button. The footnotes are using the "widget" button, then push "reference."

Everyone should check each of these matters.
1. Titles should be italicized, not underlined.
2. Everyone needs a Bibliography. Call it that, not References. Remember the format is last name first, in alpha order.
3. Everyone should put a blank line between each paragraph. Do not indent paragraphs.
4. Do not drop in quotes without an introduction. Two good examples (but not the only ones) of properly introduced quotes are in the opening of the Catherine Opie page, and the 2nd paragraph of the Richard Serra page (though there the journal title needs to be italicized).
5. Everyone needs to state one or more contemporary issues the artist addresses. Three good examples (but not the only ones) are pages on Andrew Rogers, Banksy, and Catherine Opie.
6. Use a consistent font in your page.
7. Include illustrations, either directly, or by a link.
8. Refer to an artist by his or her last name after initial reference by full name.
9. Remove long resumes of artists, lists of shows, etc. You can link to those, but they are not the main point.
10. Watch use of possessives.